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Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire 2018

Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire 2018

Exhibition runs Friday 27th of July, 2018,
until Sunday 19th of August, 2018 at our York gallery

A solo exhibition of magnificent paintings by Yorkshire artist Clare Haley, inspired by the raw, dramatic beauty of landscape and light.

With great delight, York Fine Arts proudly announces its third annual solo exhibition of original paintings by contemporary landscape artist Clare Haley. ‘Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire’ showcases a spellbinding collection of work that magnificently articulates the raw, dramatic beauty of landscape and light. From placid, sunlit valleys of green to suspenseful, stormy skies, the exhibition presents a spectacular selection of Clare’s paintings that tell a comprehensive story of the multifaceted northern landscape she so loves.

Arguably one of Yorkshire’s top emerging artists, ‘Light of Yorkshire’ Clare Haley exquisitely captures the emotion and ethereal nature of the British landscape with unparalleled ingenuity. Working primarily from memory, Clare creates paintings that push the boundaries of imagination whilst retaining an organic authenticity. Since 2010, she has flourished as a professional artist, attaining great success and gaining an international, loyal following at an astonishing pace.

The exhibition opens on Friday, 27 July and runs until Sunday, 19 August 2018. Due to expected high volume of interest, an early viewing is recommended.