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Wedding Gift List

Wedding Gift List

Our complimentary wedding gift list provides a personalised, stress-free alternative for couples seeking a unique memento to mark their special day for years to come.

Couples can choose from our wide range of original oil paintings, watercolours and sculpture to select the perfect artwork for their home. The gift of original artwork serves as a cherished reminder of not only your wedding day, but furthermore the friends and family with whom it was shared.

Guests can easily contribute towards a chosen artwork by visiting or telephoning the gallery or by visiting your custom webpage. The webpage allows couples to share photographs and a message to their guests, and in turn, allows guests to make contributions and to post messages of goodwill. Afterwards, the gallery provides couples with a streamlined list of contributors and contributions to make thanking guests a simple process.

Gift List

In addition to our wedding gift list, the gallery also offers a complimentary gift list for birthdays, christenings, retirements, and all of life’s other special occasions and major milestones. Offering the same benefits as our wedding gift list, the service is a streamlined method of purchasing artwork for a friend, colleague or loved one.

To open a gift list, or to request more information, please visit or telephone our York gallery on 01904 634221.