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Featured Artists

Daniel Van Der Putten, Original oil painting on panel, Afternoon by the River Swale, Yorkshire
British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings
(b.,) Leyden, Holland

Beautifully composed and brimming with vibrant colour and fine detail, Daniel Van der Putten’s paintings are contemporary classics that stand the test of time.

An artist of international acclaim and appeal, Daniel is one of the gallery's most collectable artists. With a triumphant combination of acute observation and romantic perspective, Daniel gracefully and singularly ushers viewers through the story of the British landscape as it revolves through the seasons.

Edward Hersey, Original oil painting on canvas, Summer Graces
British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings
(b.1948) Surrey, England

It is no surprise that Edward Hersey is one of the gallery’s most popular artists. His unique, signature style is instantly recognisable; in a vast art world, there truly is nothing comparable.

His ability to balance realism and idealism in his work results in painfully picturesque landscapes that simultaneously maintain their integrity. His paintings of pastoral England are treasured by avid collectors and first time buyers alike, making each one a cherished investment.

Clare Haley, Original oil painting on panel, Highs and Lows
British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings
(b.1970) West Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire artist Clare Haley's breath taking paintings have awed and captivated both collectors and galleries alike. Arguably one of Yorkshire's top emerging artists, Clare magnificently captures the emotion and ethereal nature of light and landscape with unparalleled ingenuity. Painting professionally since 2010, Clare has already achieved remarkable success, achieving sell-out solo exhibitions and gaining a loyal base of collectors enamoured of her work.

Sean Durkin, Original oil painting on panel, War Horse Tobacco
British Contemporary Artist
Original oil paintings
(b.1964) Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

Filled with entwining narratives and playful feats of irony, Sean’s paintings are comical yet grounded in the realities of industrial life. Seas of ‘matchstick people’ trudge through worlds of imposing, brutalist shapes while mischief-making characters and their foils bring a light-hearted nature to an otherwise forbidding and minimally coloured world. 

Now an acclaimed artist with a fiercely loyal following, Sean continues to resonate with audiences across the country with his playful paintings and sensational story.

Raymond Campbell, Original oil painting on panel, Time For Tea
British still life artist
Original oil paintings
(b.1956) Surrey, England

Raymond Campbell’s work accentuates the richness of life’s luxuries big and small. From ripened, plump fruits to luscious spreads of choice wines and fine cheeses, Raymond’s paintings are nothing short of indulgent.

Echoing the work of the Dutch Masters, each piece is proof of sophisticated and accomplished technique. His work has been shown at the prestigious Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in multiple years, as well as the Mall Galleries in London.

Gordon Lees, Original oil painting on panel, The Close of a Cotswolds Eve
British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings
(b.1933) Birmingham, England

Gordon Lees’ paintings brim with nostalgia and memory. Known as ‘The Original Master of Light’, Gordon methodically uses light to set the mood of his paintings.

His romantic style captures the classic charm of Britain’s beloved towns and villages, preserving them in emotive pieces treasured by all. Gordon has seen a long and prosperous career spanning decades; a true testament to the timeless appeal of his work.