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British landscape artist
Original oil and acrylic paintings

(b.1952) Yorkshire, England

Full of light and chromatic colour, Alan Barker’s paintings create a positively transcendental escape into the natural world.  A self-taught artist with no formal training, Alan’s unique style and technique is a result of his own experimentation, experience and artistic development.

Despite his innate talent and obvious love of his craft, Alan did not immediately turn to fine art when selecting a career path. He initially pursued a career in the agricultural sector, graduating with a degree in agriculture from Newcastle University in 1976. After graduating, he then worked in the veterinary field for six years before finally becoming a professional, full-time artist.

Today, Alan lives on a small, idyllic farm in East Anglia surrounded by some three acres full of natural, un-spoilt meadows and delightful wooded areas. He has even added a few light ponds, further adding to the picturesque beauty and diversity of the landscape.  This environment is Alan’s perfect source of inspiration, particularly for painting his signature woodland landscapes.

Alan’s clever use of light enables him to create mystical atmospheres in his paintings that demonstrate both technical and creative strength. Soft, yet retaining a powerful emotive presence, Alan’s paintings are timeless classics that provide a welcome window into the natural world.

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