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Alan Dinsdale, Original oil painting on canvas, Country Scene

British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1939) Lancing, Sussex, England

Alan’s childhood was spent on the south coast of England, where he started painting scenes of the sea, along with landscapes and portraits.  After his school years he studied at Birmingham Art College before becoming a full-time artist.  For the first twelve years of his career he concentrated on mainly portrait work; but has now focused on his landscape and seascape painting.

His enthusiasm for all that he saw at the time has been maintained during his long career as a professional artist.  His present home, still close to the sea near the Lake District, has allowed him to become a master of detail, colour and lighting, reflecting the many changing moods to be observed in his seascapes.

His artistic skills are equally apparent in his many landscapes of Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and the West Country, where his scenes of seasonal variety with their host of colours are charmingly depicted against a rugged backdrop.

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Alan Dinsdale, Original oil painting on canvas, Country Scene

Alan DinsdaleOriginal oil painting on canvas Country Scene

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