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Caroline Richardson, Original oil painting on canvas, Lemon and Sage

British contemporary artist
Original oil paintings

(b..) Salisbury, England

Elegant and understated, Caroline Richardson’s exquisite still life pieces offer a modern sensibility to a classic genre. Preferring to use a limited colour palette and effectively simple compositions, her aesthetic is immediately recognizable and widely revered. It is this tastefully minimal approach, paired with a classical technique, that makes Caroline unique among still life artists working in the UK today. 

Caroline did not immediately turn to fine art as a career. She initially trained as a multi-media designer and went on to work in the field of graphic design for over a decade. However, after setting up a web agency with her husband, Caroline found the time to develop her art, and in 2014, made the decision to become a full-time artist. Since taking that next step, Caroline has quickly gained recognition for her striking and polished style.

Working in oils, Caroline paints a variety of subjects, but focuses predominately of still life and portraiture. She is particularly committed to her translation of light and shadow—a feature that has quickly become a hallmark of her work. Drawn to the by-gone days of glamour and sophistication, Caroline’s paintings embody a timeless quality, building a seamless bridge between traditional and contemporary.

Caroline has met great success and garnered an eager following in her relatively short career as a professional artist. Her work can be found in collections around the world, and continues to appear in numerous exhibitions across the country.