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David Dipnall, Original oil painting on canvas, Autumn on the River Aire

British Landscape Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1941) Scotland

David Dipnall was born in Scotland during the early war years of English parents and received his education at Portsmouth Grammar School. He subsequently studied Engineering Design before travelling the world with his wife Audrey in 1968.  David settled in Australia for five years during which time he worked in product design and later teaching at a Grammar School. Returning to England in the summer of 1974, he decided to focus on his passion for painting and became a professional artist as a response to the demand for his work.   Recognition soon followed and work by David was first published by Solomon and Whitehead in 1979. 

David Dipnall is now regarded as one of the best traditional English country landscape painters.  His evocative images of restful pastoral scenes of Southern England are recognised both nationally and internationally, epitomising all that is endearing about traditional art values in English Landscape.  David’s paintings of his beautiful and fertile homeland are a world away from Australia, where he now spends most of his time. 

In the last decade, David estimates that he has travelled nearly 2 million miles, continuing to maintain a busy work schedule of exhibitions and regularly commuting between England and Australia. His originals are highly sought after, and over fifty of David’s images have been published as Limited Edition Prints; many of which have sold out.  In 2002 he was awarded the Best-Selling Published Artist Award.

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David Dipnall, Oil on canvas, Country Scene

David DipnallOil on canvas Country Scene

£ 2,000.00
David Dipnall, Original oil painting on canvas, Autumn on the River Aire

David DipnallOriginal oil painting on canvas Autumn on the River Aire

£ 1,485.00
David Dipnall, Original oil painting on canvas, Afternoon Glory Recently Acquired

David DipnallOriginal oil painting on canvas Afternoon Glory

£ 2,200.00