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Fredrik K.B, Larvikite Emerald Pearl, Melusine

Norwegian Sculptor
Stone Sculptures

(b.1978) Oslo, Norway

Fredrik K.B. has exhibited his marble and granite sculptures internationally for nearly a decade. He is a fellow of the Norwegian Sculptors Association and of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. In 2009 a jury elected him “young artist of the year” in a competition initiated by the Hotel Continental in Oslo.

At the age of five Fredrik K.B. stated: “I am a sculptor; but I have not started sculpting yet?”

Fredrik feels strongly related to the expressionists, specifically his fellow Norwegian Edvard Munch, with whom he has the honour of sharing an exhibition in Oslo, September 2010. The relation to the expressionists is pointed out in a statement made by the Danish art collector and gallery owner Johnny Emil Larsen: “What connects his sculptures, in all their variety, is that one gets the feeling that he has carved the stone with his own fingernails.”

Fredrik K.B alternates between working with marble in Italy and granite in Norway. In the exhibition at The Colomb Art Gallery, he presents his sculptures made in the Norwegian Rock Larvikite, which is officially the Norwegian National Rock. It is used in a multitude of banks and pubs in the United Kingdom (hence the aka ‘pub stone’ originated in London) Healers believe that this stone enhances psychic abilities and helps to maintain vitality and youthfulness.

Available Artworks

Fredrik K.B, Larvikite Emerald Pearl, Melusine

Fredrik K.BLarvikite Emerald Pearl Melusine

£ 14,250.00
Fredrik K.B, Larvikite Emerald Pearl, Fragment of Beauty

Fredrik K.BLarvikite Emerald Pearl Fragment of Beauty

£ 6,250.00

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Fredrik K.B, Larvikite Emerald Pearl, Figure Head of Honesty

Fredrik K.BLarvikite Emerald Pearl Figure Head of Honesty

£ Sold
Fredrik K.B, Glass and Larvikite Emerald Pearl, In The Dream

Fredrik K.BGlass and Larvikite Emerald Pearl In The Dream

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