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British contemporary artist
Original oil paintings

(b..) Hampshire, England

“I can be inspired by a single image, a piece of music, or a fleeting moment in time; but I always look to capture the essence of a scene, portraying what is felt along with what is seen.” -Hilary Dancer

Imbued with vibrancy and movement, Hilary Dancer’s light-filled paintings pulse with energy. Influenced by both the Impressionist painters of the mid-nineteenth century and the later Abstractionists, Hilary has developed a calculated, yet expressive style all her own. Her dynamic, dazzling cityscapes, as well as her dancers in motion, capture moments in time unlike any other artist working in the UK today.

In the solace of her studio, Hilary works in oils, acrylics and mixed media as she seeks to continually experiment with colour and texture. It is through this process of experimentation that Hilary’s work takes on such a lively, dynamic nature and allows her to effectively capture the true spirit and spark of her subject. Balancing composition, mystery and drama, Hilary entices viewers to actively engage with her paintings.

Hilary's cityscapes strive to capture the timeless living nature of an ever changing, yet static landscape. At a distance, Hilary’s cityscapes appear architecturally precise; yet the closer the viewer gets to her work, the boundary between that which is static and that which is in motion becomes transfixingly blurred.

As an artist of committed and continual evolution, Hilary’s work never ceases to excite galleries and collectors alike. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the country and continues to expand its presence on the global market.

No artworks from Hilary Dancer are currently available, please contact the gallery for future availability