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Contemporary Still Life Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1957) Alcoy, Alicante, Spain

Marrying exquisite detail with elegant, simple compositions, Javier Mulio depicts his still life subjects with astonishing realism. Having an esteemed career spanning several decades, the artist, known simply as ‘Javier’ to collectors around the world, is one of the most sought after still life painters working today. 

Born in the historical sun-soaked town of Alicante, the young Javier did not need to look far for inspiration, sketching and painting the streets of his hometown from an early age. He began his formal training in 1973, studying at the School of Mila Gomez, under the direct tutelage of Gomez himself, who recognized Javier’s innate gifts as a painter. After completing his studies, Javier enjoyed early success as an exhibiting artist in Spain before going on to show his work on a global scale.

Finding that his passion lies in depicting objects of natural and classic beauty, Javier has finely honed his artistry to engage the simple, yet decadent pleasures of fruit and wine. His paintings are simple yet striking, using monotone backgrounds as a fresh slate to contrast the natural reflection, colour and light of his still life composition. Magnifying every sumptuous detail with his superior technique, his work is the epitome of utmost refinement. 

Regarded as one of the finest still life artists of our time, Javier’s career has flourished throughout the years, with his work being featured in celebrated exhibitions around the globe, including the prestigious Shanghai Art Fair. His paintings hang in private and corporate collections throughout the Far East, Europe and the Americas, and continue to be highly sought-after by his ever-growing number of collectors.

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