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Jef Lenaers, Original oil painting on canvas, Abstracted Landscape

Belgian Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1943) Kempen, Belgium

Jef Lenaers was born in De Kempen, Belgium in 1943. He studied at the academy of art known as Beeldende Kunsten Mol, from 1962-1969. He is now a member of the famous Belgian art group “Hat Pallet”.

He paints in a colourful style, which imparts harmony to his paintings. His intense interest in shapes and patterns helps to form the basis of the work he subsequently constructs. This is a significant factor in creating his abstract work.  The different textures achieved in his canvasses are achieved by the use of both brush and palette knife.

Jef is also a keen ceramicist in the modern style.  His work has received high acclaim.  Apart from his abstract work, Jef’s portfolio includes flower painting, city scenes, harbour impressions and landscapes.

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