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Keith Sherwin, Bronze, Lovebirds

British Sculptor
Limited edition bronze sculptures

(b..) Stoke on Trent, England

Keith was born in Stoke on Trent, the home of the Potteries and trained as a ceramic artist with Royal Doulton at the Burslem Factory.  As a self-taught Sculptor working in clay he has produced a variety of subjects such as dogs, cats, wildlife and human form.  Keith’s work is admired and collected worldwide.

Available Artworks

Keith Sherwin, Bronze, Greyhounds

Keith SherwinBronze Greyhounds

£ 325.00
Keith Sherwin, Bronze, Parasol Mushroom

Keith SherwinBronze Parasol Mushroom

£ 175.00
Keith Sherwin, Bronze, Lovebirds

Keith SherwinBronze Lovebirds

£ 165.00

A Selection of Sold Artworks

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Keith Sherwin, Bronze, Red Squirrel

Keith SherwinBronze Red Squirrel

£ 125.00