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Dutch Contemporary Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1955) Holland

The sophisticated work of Maria de Vries speaks for itself. Well known for her feminine chic paintings and her contrasting work of animals and children Maria has a distinctly recognisable style. As the artist comments, her paintings are born, not made. From her materials and paints a gradual harmonisation occurs for a full-bodied result. In her paintings, the emotions from the subject blend into the environment, becoming more of a feeling than a recognisable form.

Her environment contains three diverse themes: People: young and old, in relation to each other, or in relation to the witness. Animals: limousins, that over many years she has helped rear. Nature; in particular the Peelstreek area, where she now lives and works. The explosive growing interest in Dutch work, and a recent increased interest in impasto paintings has created a strong demand for the work of Maria de Vries. Her original work can be seen in leading independent art galleries across Europe.

No artworks from Maria de Vries are currently available, please contact the gallery for future availability