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British Watercolour Artist
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Newcastle to New York, Hong Kong to Edinburgh, her international appeal has seen Mary Ann Rogers exhibiting around the world with a natural budding enthusiasm.

Publishing her own work and voted by members of the Fine Art Trade Guild into the top ten living artists in print in 2003, Mary Ann Rogers is a solid choice for lovers of energetic British watercolours.

First to admit to living in an ideal environment for painting, Mary Ann Rogers is not only driven by the landscape of Northumberland, but surrounds herself with a menagerie of unwitting models for her work.

It is the moment, which counts - the dark cloud over the sunlit fields; a look of aggression; the burst of speed. An artist who has always understood the importance of a lightening brush, and immersed herself in the physical act of applying only the paint required to express that moment.

As a self-taught artist, the only rules Mary Ann sets herself, apart from integrity of the line and absolute freedom, concern quality of materials. Only the best, 100% acid free paper, and the most lightfast pigments are used in paintings which may also have paint thrown at them, as well as water sprayed from the garden hosepipe.

Mary Ann’s paintings and prints are regularly exhibited in the UK and overseas, including the Royal Watercolour Society.

A selection of Mary Ann Rogers' signed limited edition prints are available to view at the gallery.