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Nell Crossett, Original acrylic painting on canvas, Dreamers

Contemporary artist
Original acrylic paintings

(b.1957) New Zealand

Organically calming yet full of bold pattern and energy, Nell’s paintings are a harmonious balance of colour and composition. Applying his own unique style and vision, Nell gracefully unveils the uncomplicated beauty and enchantment of waters below.

Like many successful artists, Nell is totally self-taught, preferring to artistically evolve without the external influence of instruction. Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed art as a hobby. As an adult, Nell’s love of art progressed to passion, and he began to experiment with different mediums and techniques, developing his own unique style in a natural way.

Shortly after turning his attention to acrylics, Nell was commissioned to paint a snapper underwater, which went on to ignite an interest in paintings of fish. His new subject proved very popular with collectors, and so the painting journey into the watery world of fish and sea life began. Today, Nell continues to enjoy translating the world’s abundance of aquatic life from brush to canvas for all to enjoy.

As a professional artist, Nell continues to explore his talent and push the boundaries of his creativity. In addition to his fish paintings, he has also enjoyed painting large scale seascapes inspired by the beloved beaches and wild surf found at the Bay of Plenty. Ever evolving, Nell continues to sharpen his skillset and grow his local and international collector base.