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Paul Lancaster, Original oil painting on panel, Sea Breeze

British contemporary artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1966) Cheshire, England

With an expressive and instinctual style, Paul Lancaster vividly depicts the raw coastal beauty of Britain’s shorelines. Immersive and dynamic, Paul’s paintings have the ability to quickly transport viewers to nature’s organic sanctuary.

Born in Manchester in 1966, Paul was encouraged to nurture his talent for sketching and painting by his artistic family. After impressing teachers with his abilities throughout his school years, Paul went on to study at Tameside College of Art and Design. After graduating, Paul set up his studio in Cheshire, where he continues to paint today.

The perspective and composition of Paul’s work is refreshingly unconventional.  With a fluid mix of subtle textures and precisely placed brushstrokes of vivid colour, Paul succeeds in creating a scene imbued with an atmosphere of simultaneous vitality and restorative calm.  

A young artist of promise, Paul’s reputation continues to grow as he continues to show his work across the UK.