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Philip Hearsey, Bronze, Soft Switchline

British Sculptor

(b.Yateley, Hampshire) 1946

“Feelings and instinct motivate my visual work, often rhythmical and surprisingly tactile.”

Simple, elegant, honest and timeless – this is the mantra through which Philip Hearsey’s elemental bronze sculptures are formed.

After graduating from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, Philip pursued a varied creative career, becoming involved in interiors, design, furniture and architecture. It was during this thirty-year period that Philip cultivated the refined yet understated style which would go on to inform his sculptural work.

A self-taught sculptor, Philip specialises in the ancient craft of sandcasting. This process leaves behind intricate textured patterns, engaging the natural qualities of bronze, to awaken rich organic designs within the material.

Living and working in the immersive splendour of the Herefordshire countryside, Philip is inspired by the natural shapes and found objects of his home county.

“The river flows, grasses move, trees make patterns, there are endless tiny events.  Away from my desk or my workbench the time to absorb and reflect is stimulating and precious.”

While each piece holds an emotional importance to the artist himself, Philip is eager for his work to be open to interpretation, so that every sculpture may take on a different life in the hands and homes of his collectors.

Having exhibited widely in solo and mixed exhibitions, Philip has gained an avid following, with his work being held in corporate and private collections across Europe, Asia and the USA.