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Spanish marine artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1975) Alicoy, Spain

Fuelled by his family's artistic heritage and his personal passion for the sea, Sergio Herrero brings a fresh perspective to traditional seascapes. Full of energy, movement and an invigorating depth of colour, each of Sergio's paintings comprehensively capture the majestic power and wonder of the sea.

Born in Alcoy, Spain in 1975, Sergio took a keen interest in art from an early age. Part of a naturally artistic family, it was his grandfather that first taught Sergio and his two elder brothers, who also went on to become professional artists, how to paint and draw.  After graduating from High School Padre Victoria, he went on to study at the San Fernando Academy in Valencia. Among his teachers was the great master Carlos Peñalver, who inspired him in his love of seascape subjects.

After initially pursuing a career in Administration of Government, Sergio eventually made the decision to follow his passion full time, dedicating himself to a life as a professional artist. In a relatively short period of time, he is already making great strides in the art world, successfully exhibiting his work across various galleries in Spain whilst continuing to actively grow his increasingly global market. Today, he lives and works in Madrid, where the absence of the sea has made his love for painting seascapes all the stronger.

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Sergio Herrero, Original oil painting on panel, Power of the Sea

Sergio HerreroOriginal oil painting on panel Power of the Sea

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Sergio Herrero, Original oil painting on panel, Crashing Tides Recently Acquired

Sergio HerreroOriginal oil painting on panel Crashing Tides

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