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Into the Wild: Britain's Rugged Landscapes

Into the Wild: Britain's Rugged Landscapes

Exhibition runs Friday 15th of March, 2019,
until Sunday 7th of April, 2019 at our Harrogate gallery

A mixed exhibition of work that brings together an inspiring collection of paintings and sculpture that celebrate Britian's wild, romantic landscapes. 

York Fine Arts is delighted to announce the Harrogate gallery’s newest exhibition of 2019. Into the Wild: Britain’s Rugged Landscapes brings together an awe-inspiring collection of original paintings and sculpture by some of Britain’s leading landscape and wildlife artists. From the untamed wilds of the Scottish Highlands to the unequivocal majesty of the English Lake district, the collection showcases the British landscape and its natural inhabitants in all their splendour.

For centuries, the British countryside has inspired the country's most celebrated artists, writers and adventurers--and this exciting exhibition is proof that it remains every bit as captivating today. Fierce yet idyllic, invigorating yet haunting, no other place on earth matches the wild, often oxymoronic nature of the British landscape. Through the eyes of contemporary artists including Julian Mason, Edward Hersey, Howard Shingler and Natalie Stutely, we see these landscapes anew, reviving and celebrating the timeless enchantment of the landscape.