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Painting the Light: Terence Clarke and Mike Hall

Painting the Light: Terence Clarke and Mike Hall

Exhibition runs Friday 28th of April, 2023,
until Sunday 21st of May, 2023 at our York gallery

A dazzling celebration of contrast, colour and saturation, ‘Painting the Light’ brings together the work of renowned contemporary artists Terence Clarke and Mike Hall. Through their delightfully chromatic and calculated compositions, the pleasures of the everyday experience are delightfully revealed.

Terence Clarke | A trained artist of recognition, contemporary landscape and still life painter Terence Clarke is highly regarded for his bold use of colour, strong drawing and distinctive flattened perspective. Fascinated by the interplay between drawing and painterliness, Terence masterfully balances the reality of observation with his expressive liberation of intense light and rich colour. His simple, yet vivid motifs are carefully constructed with an acute awareness of overall composition and harmony, yielding sensuous work of sheer visual delight. Through his own exploration of his surroundings, Terence shares a fresh experience and provides a renewed appreciation for the extraordinary quality of the visual world.

Mike Hall | A discerning and highly skilled painter, Mike Hall’s light-dappled scenes radiate warmth and rustic elegance. His immersive paintings have a restorative and nostalgic effect, creating a deep sense of longing and narrative. As a previous film and television set designer, Mike excels in ingeniously orchestrating compositions that are tinged with, yet intriguingly absent of, human presence. Coupled with their dramatic contrast and harmonious palettes, Mike’s paintings have become firm favourites among today’s contemporary collectors.