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Treasures of the Continent

Treasures of the Continent

Exhibition runs Friday 18th of May, 2018,
until Sunday 10th of June, 2018 at our York gallery

Immersive and transporting, Treasures of the Continent  traverses the European mainland through a magnificent collection of fine art.

Join us as we delight in the rich history, culture and beauty of continental Europe, with the gallery's mixed exhibition, Treasures of the Continent. Immersive and transporting, Treasures of the Continent traverses the European mainland, from the bustling piazzas of Venice to the the rolling poppy fields of Tuscany. Featuring original paintings by some of the gallery's most celebrated artists, including David Sawyer RBA, Michael John Ashcroft MAFA and Steve Thoms, the exhibition presents an opportunity to escape to the wonders of Europe through a magnificent collection of fine art. 

Steeped in cultural significance, Europe has an abundance of grand cathedrals, medieval castles, mesmeric waterways and celebrated ruins from which artists have drawn inspiration for centuries. Treasures of the Continent brings together an exclusive collection of work that elegantly reflects the artist's enduring fascination with the European landscape, from cityscapes to country scenes. Through their eyes, the unassuming charm of the continent is exquisitely revealed and celebrated.