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British equestrian artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1961) Malta

With a disciplined approach and a long-standing passion for horse racing, equestrian artist Stuart Herod painstakingly creates detailed, invigorating paintings of some of the world’s finest racehorses.  

Stuart’s passion for animals can be traced back to the early days of his childhood. Though born on the island of Malta, Stuart moved to Yorkshire at the age of two. Growing up in Yorkshire, Stuart developed a keen interest in wildlife early on; but it was during his school years that Stuart found his true passion for horse racing. While many of his peers followed football or rugby, Stuart found himself drawn to the excitement of the racecourse, utterly captivated by the strength and beauty of the magnificent creatures powering round the course.

When Stuart developed an equally keen interest in art around the same time, it came as no surprise that he chose racing and animals as his primary subject matter. Since then, he has worked to develop his own personal style that allows him to translate and transform his passions into animate works of art. Stuart achieves the realistic nature of his paintings by using thin layers of paint and transparent glazes to attain depth and luminosity; such is his premeditated precision that each painting can take weeks or even months to complete.

Today, Stuart lives and works in Yorkshire, where he continues to develop as an artist. His paintings have been exhibited and collected widely in the racing community, and are increasingly drawing the attention of the fine art world. With each new masterpiece, Stuart continues to expand his collector base and establish himself amongst the country’s leading equestrian artists.