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Masters of Perspective: Colin Wilson and Tina Spratt

Masters of Perspective: Colin Wilson and Tina Spratt

Exhibition runs Friday 16th of September, 2022,
until Sunday 16th of October, 2022 at our York gallery

A mixed show bringing together the work of contemporary still life artist Colin Wilson and contemporary figurative artist Tina Spratt.

York Fine Arts is delighted to present a mixed show of paintings and pastels by still life artist Colin Wilson and  figurative artist Tina Spratt, two extraordinary contemporary artists making their mark on their respective genres.

Tina Spratt brings an empowering feminine perspective to figurative art. Masterfully wrapping her subjects in layer upon layer of intimacy, narrative and aesthetics, Tina reveals women who are intriguingly complex; they are delicate and vulnerable while simultaneously projecting unapologetic strength and sensuality. Leaving no fabric, shadow or fleeting glance unobserved, her work captures both the beauty and authentic integrity of everyday moments.

Colin Wilson takes a contemporary approach to his still life paintings, ingeniously evolving the genre for the 21st century. Confidently exploring negative space and the interaction of visual planes, Colin creates commanding compositions that are as bold as they are painstakingly precise. His unique vision and superlative execution have made him one of the most exciting still life artists in the country today.