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Modern Masters: Clare Haley and J. M. W. Turner

Modern Masters: Clare Haley and J. M. W. Turner

/ Tuesday 18th of December, 2018

J. M. W. Turner and Clare Haley may be separated by the ages; but what they share far outweighs the centuries that divide them. Through their individual explorations and interpretations of light, landscape and the elements, these painters share a remarkable ability to draw out the conflicting essence of nature, depicting strength and serenity side by side.

In life and in art, Turner was fearless. In 1842, at the age of sixty-four, he lashed himself to the mast of a ship and sailed into a storm so fierce he scarcely expected to survive. The resulting painting, like much of the artist’s work, horrified and exasperated the conservative art world of the 19th century. A pioneer of abstractionism, Turner attacked his canvases, charging them with an energy and emotion previously unencountered in the genre of landscape painting.


'Quillebeuf, Mouth of the Seine' by J. M. W. Turner   'Heading Down to the Light Show' by Clare Haley


Clare Haley picks up where Turner left off, bringing her own unique vision to the genre of landscape painting. Like Turner, her paintings crackle with energy; but there is a softer luminosity to her work all her own. Her vast ominous skies, blazing moorlands and ripples of electrified light convey an intimidating sense of power, yet still retain an air of enchanting optimism. In contrast to Turner’s often violent, destructive depictions of nature, Haley’s work highlights its duality and gives the viewer a sense of hope and assurance that, rage though it may, there is light at the end of the storm.

Like Turner before her, ‘Light of Yorkshire’ Clare Haley has forged her own definitive path as a landscape artist. Timeless and engaging, her work continues to astonish and delight the art world, attracting a loyal following of admirers and collectors eager to witness as her work reaches new heights of acclaim.


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