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Dianne Flynn Arrives at York Fine Arts

Dianne Flynn Arrives at York Fine Arts

/ Wednesday 19th of February, 2020

York Fine Art is delighted to announce that renowned British figurative artist Dianne Flynn is now exhibiting her paintings at both our York and Harrogate galleries. From playful and nostalgic seaside scenes to strikingly captured portraiture, Dianne’s newest collection of paintings beautifully demonstrates the full breadth of her talent. No matter her subject, Dianne’s paintings brim with life, light and colour, making them an outstanding addition to the gallery.

With an established career spanning over forty years, Dianne is a well-known name in contemporary British art. She has exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Pastel Society, London, as well as galleries across the country and further afield as far as the USA and New Zealand. Her collectors too are spread across the globe, with many having followed her career for decades.

Originally a portraiture artist, it comes as no surprise that Dianne’s work is primarily figurative, largely centring around children and children at play. Through loose, unrestrained style and vibrant use of colour, Dianne conveys a warm sense of exuberance and nostalgia with her paintings. Her ability to so exquisitely translate her acute observation into work of such vitality and movement is truly unparalleled.

To read more about Dianne and see her available work, visit her artist page here.