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Home is Where the Art Is

Home is Where the Art Is

/ Saturday 7th of December, 2019

Our homes are an expression of ourselves. More often than not, the space in which we reside reflects our values, tastes and lifestyles in one way or another, providing a brief snapshot of who we are as people; so choosing artwork to integrate into these personal spaces can be a challenging decision at best and an intimidating prospect at worst. After all, anyone who has ever visited a gallery and stood before a work of monumental scale will appreciate that just because a piece of art can be enjoyed in one context does not necessarily mean that it would be suitable in another—particularly if that place is one’s home.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the process of choosing art for the home can often be riddled with questions and uncertainties. Will I like it as much on my own wall as I do in the gallery? Will it be too big or too small for the place I have in mind? Will it work with the general ambience of the space? The sea of questions that come flooding in can at times seem overwhelming. But thankfully, York Fine Arts offers a solution: a free, no obligation home viewing service.

The gallery’s free, no obligation home viewing service takes out the guess work to ensure that a new acquisition is the perfect addition not only for a collection but also for the space in which it will reside. By viewing artwork from the comfort of home, clients can not only see artwork they might have only previously seen online in the flesh; they can also see how it works within a space. Contributing factors such as lighting, scale and general harmony are revealed in a matter of moments, giving collectors complete confidence in their purchases.  

In addition to alleviating worries about how artwork may work in a given space, the home viewing service also provides the added bonus of convenience. With flexible appointment options available, home viewings can be arranged at a day and time that best serves the client and his or her own schedule. As the service also eliminates the need to travel to and from the gallery, find parking or make other travel arrangements, home viewing works out to be an incredibly time efficient and hassle-free option. And who couldn’t do with more hours in the day?

The best part? Foregoing a visit to the gallery in favour of a home viewing needn’t mean scrimping on selection. For those wishing to view multiple works of art, the gallery will happily bring a selection to ensure that clients have the same level of choice as they would at our galleries. Additionally, artwork may be left for up to two hours, leaving clients free to make a confident, pressure-free decision.

When it comes to choosing art for the home, there is no doubt that it is a decision not to be taken lightly. Like many things in life, finding the right fit must tick any number of personal boxes. But with the help of the gallery’s home viewing service, this form of self-expression is made that much easier, making contemporary collecting every bit as enjoyable as it should be.


To scheulde your home viewing, contact the gallery on 01904 634221 or book online here.