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The Humble Print

The Humble Print

/ Tuesday 21st of April, 2020

You’ve been looking for months for that finishing touch. But despite hours and hours of searching, nothing has yet to “jump” or been quite right. Then—just when you least expect it—you find it: “The One”. The perfect artwork. A mingled sense of relief, joy and familiarity wash over you in an instant, and once again, all seems right in the world.

…And then you see the price. Or worse, the ‘SOLD’ sign.

We’ve all been there before at some point or another. Falling for a piece of fine art that ticks every box apart from the vitally important one marked ‘budget’ can be a heart-wrenching experience. While true that payment plans such as OwnArt or set aside can make buying fine art easier and more affordable than ever before, sometimes, we still can’t quite make it happen. But that doesn’t have to mean that all hope is necessarily lost.

In steps the humble print. Often overlooked for its forebearer, ‘the original’, prints can make an excellent stand-in on those occasions when the owning the original is either financially imprudent or highly improbable (i.e. the artwork is already in a private or public collection). Not only can they serve as a substitute, but furthermore, thanks to the high quality of prints in the age of today’s technology, they can be just as rewarding as an artwork in their own right. Rich colour, fine detail and texture can be beautifully translated like never before, giving prints a sense of depth all their own whilst still remaining true to their roots.


'Poppy Field, Yorkshire Dales'. Signed limited edition print by Steve Thoms. Limited edition of 65.


Even within the realm of prints, there is a range of options to be explored. Open edition prints are often relatively easy to obtain, and because of this, can be a cost-effective way to add to a collection and enjoy the pleasures of fine art at home. On the other hand, limited edition prints, though often slightly more expensive, offer an element of exclusivity due to their capped numbers and the fact that many editions are only available at specific galleries. Oftentimes, limited edition prints are furthermore signed by the artist, adding value to the print and giving the collector something truly special to treasure.

But regardless of whether a collector chooses an open edition print, limited edition print or signed limited edition print, the fact remains: an enriching work of art will be brought into a new environment where it will be enjoyed for many years to come. With each glance, it will send a personally tailored message to its owner, prompting joy, reflection, a memory, some combination of the these or perhaps a different emotion altogether. This is the power and pleasure of art; and it is this feature, regardless of medium, that remains the most important characteristic of all.


The gallery has a wide range of open edition and signed limited edition prints available. Visit the gallery in person to see the full selection, or view our collection of signed limited edition prints online here.