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Jacqueline Stanhope, Original oil painting on canvas, Epsom Derby Start, 2016

British Equestrian Artist
Original oil paintings

(b.1963) Scotland

Jacqueline Stanhope was born in 1963 and educated in Scotland. Possessing a self-proclaimed horse-obsession from infancy, Jacqueline spent her childhood drawing horses until her eleventh birthday, when she bought her first box of oil paints. In her own words, it was a “life-changing experience”, for “oils, better than any other medium, capture the full range of textures and colours that make up the horse”.

Her artistic career bloomed from an early age. At fourteen, she had already executed her first commission, a portrait of the legendary racehorse Nijinsky. She left school at sixteen to follow her career in painting on a professional level. And by age 21 she had undertaken work for Walt Disney and had painted football teams. 

As an adult she took time out to raise a young family and then re-entered the art world by producing ‘Northern Dancer & Sons’ a limited edition print.  This print led to a rise in her popularity, with leaders in the racing world increasingly investing in her work.

Her versatile and sympathetic style has led to a significant amount of private commissions, with the majority of clients coming from the racing and breeding community. From the world’s finest racehorses to the most beloved family pet, Jacqueline continues to painstakingly capture precise and intimate details of her subjects, giving her paintings not only aesthetic beauty, but also personalities.

Jacqueline’s work is treasured by patrons and collectors alike, and continues to stand out among British traditional and contemporary fine art.