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Spring Exhibition

Spring Exhibition

Online Exhibition runs Monday 22nd of March, 2021,
until Sunday 27th of June, 2021

Inspired by the grandeur and abundance of spring, the Spring Exhibition showcases an exciting and eclectic selection of original paintings.

Our annual Spring Exhibition offers a revitalizing selection of original paintings, inspired by the beauty and grandeur of spring. Showcasing an uplifting collection of both traditional and contemporary artwork, the exhibition features work from gallery artists including Daniel Van Der Putten, Terry Evans and Julian Mason.

One of nature’s most exhilarating performances, spring bursts forth each year in an abundance of colour and jubilation. As new life is ushered into the landscape, a sense of wonder permeates the air. Through an eclectic, hand-picked selection of work, the Spring Exhibition highlights the joyful experience of the season, allowing us to savour it all year round.