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Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire 2022
Press Release

Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire 2022

/ Tuesday 14th of June, 2022

York Fine Arts is delighted to present ‘Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire’, its seventh annual solo exhibition of original paintings by contemporary landscape artist Clare Haley. From rolling, verdant dales to dark, ominous skies, Clare once more weaves a narrative of the changeable northern landscape as it responds to light and the elements. Collectors old and new are invited to roam and lose themselves in the raw, dramatic beauty of nature’s wild panoramas.

As one of the most exciting artistic talents to emerge out of Yorkshire in recent years, Clare Haley, praised as the ‘Light of Yorkshire’, captures the emotion and ethereal essence of the British landscape with unparalleled perception. As an active and ardent observer of cloud and weather consequences, Clare works primarily from memory, pushing the boundaries of imagination whilst retaining the organic integrity of her subject. In just a few short years, Clare has achieved marked success and recognition as a professional artist, gaining an international and loyal collector base enamoured of her work. 

As Clare Haley was born and raised in West Yorkshire, it is no coincidence that Clare’s largest solo exhibition of the year also coincides with Yorkshire Day, celebrated on the 1st of August. Gallery Manager Deanna Dawkins says,

“Clare’s annual show is a highlight of the year for us and we’ve always felt that there’s no better way to mark Yorkshire Day than by celebrating a Yorkshire artist. Clare’s proud Yorkshire roots and ardent passion for the northern landscape are so deeply entwined in her paintings that really, a celebration of Clare’s work is a celebration of God’s Own Country itself.”

Clare describes her work as “contemporary northern landscapes which mostly appear timeless, of any era—earthy, wild places to become lost in.” She develops the atmospheric content of her paintings through location photography, research of weather and cloud consequences, imagined places and her experience living in an area of raw beauty. With nods to the drama of John Martin’s apocalyptic paintings and to the colours and heritage of Sidney Richard Percy’s landscapes, Clare’s own unique style resurrects the tradition of British landscape painting and brings it into the 21st century with graceful transcendence.

The exhibition opens at York Fine Arts on Friday, 29th of July and runs until Sunday, 21st of August 2022. There will also be an opportunity for collectors and visitors to meet Clare at the gallery on Sunday, the 31st of July from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Due to expected high volume of interest in the show, an early viewing is recommended. Preview catalogues will also be available upon request.

For press enquiries or high-resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221 or email info@yorkfinearts.co.uk.