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Celebrating Five Females of Fine Art

Celebrating Five Females of Fine Art

/ Friday 8th of March, 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, we take a closer look at the work of five leading female artists at York Fine Arts. Through their work, we sample the rich, varied and invaluable output of a woman’s unique perspective and artistic narrative—a narrative that is not only compelling and arresting, but furthermore, essential.


Tina Spratt 

An award-winning artist working in both oils and pastels, Tina Spratt’s sensuous, cultivated work exquisitely illuminates the female form. With an intuitive eloquence few artists can hope to achieve, Red and Gold draws the viewer into a luxuriant daydream. Elevated by shimmering fabrics and cascading light, the sense of blissfully rendered, soft solitude sets this superlative artwork apart and firmly asserts Tina’s eminence as one of Britain’s foremost figurative artists.

Red and Gold


Natalie Stutely

Natalie Stutely’s magnificent equine portraits have captivated and delighted the art world from the very beginning of her career. With early artistic promise and a rural Bedfordshire upbringing, Natalie’s impassioned love for horses and equestrian fine art has been an organic progression. Andalusian Stallion sublimely captures the combatant elements of a most remarkable animal. Wild yet graceful, fierce but fantastically beautiful, Natalie’s painting is nothing short of alive with the drama of her subject.

Andalusian Stallion
Oil on panel


Suzie Emery

Rooted in the wild, ancient worlds of Britain’s uncultivated landscapes, Suzie Emery’s distinct and intuitive style is applied to her portrayal of often familiar scenes, yet from a fresh perspective previously undiscovered. With an established career spanning twenty years, Suzie has garnered a firm reputation as a dynamic, exuberant landscape artist and gained her a unique place in the contemporary art world. Yorkshire Glory bristles with preternatural energy, from the fuchsia highlighted hills to the lime green, emblazoned rolling pastures below.

Yorkshire Glory
Acrylic on panel


Jaqueline Gaylard 

A master of the subtle complexities of the feline form, Jaqueline Gaylard has been an esteemed member of the Society of Feline Artists (S.O.F.A) since 1977. As one of Britain’s standout pet portraitists and wildlife artists, Jaqueline has a unique understanding of her animal subjects. Sapphire is a breath-taking example of Jaqueline’s exacting detail, in which no single, luminous whisker is unaccounted for. From plush royal blue surrounds, her feline sitter reclines, brought to life with regal elegance and technical prowess.

Acrylic on watercolour board


Clare Haley 

‘Light of Yorkshire’ Clare Haley has sent shockwaves through the contemporary art world during her relatively short career, ingeniously capturing the radiant wilderness of her beloved rural landscape. Heading Down to the Light Show is awash with the bright, clean light of a breaking storm, highlighting the rises and rivulets of the untamed moorland landscape. With an unparallel ability to marry energy and emotion into a landscape, Clare is a principal and innovative presence in the contemporary art scene.

Heading Down to the Light Show
Oil on panel


York Fine Arts is proud to represent these exceptional female artists and continues to seek the very best painters and sculptors working in the UK today. To discover more artwork by these and many other artists, please visit our Gallery Artists page.