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Five Fine Art Favourites: March 2023

Five Fine Art Favourites: March 2023

/ Friday 24th of March, 2023

With the first signs of spring brightening our horizons, we select five original paintings to enliven the senses this March.


1. ‘An Early Start’ by Stephen Hawkins. Oil on panel. 12” x 10”. £880.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“A charmingly atmospheric scene, filled to the brim with British idiosyncrasies. The golden Labrador, the flat caps and wellington boots, the hazy morning mizzle. With a foreground of loose, galvanizing brushstrokes, we are drawn towards the small party, preparing for their morning jaunt through the flourishing English countryside.”


2 ‘The Story Teller’ by Amanda Jackson. Oil on panel. 16” x 16”. £1,595.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“Amanda’s paintings evoke such fond memories for adults and children alike. You cannot help but look warmly upon The Story Teller, painted with such delicate attention to detail and obvious affection.”


3. ‘Water’s Edge Cottage’ by Jay Nottingham. Oil on panel. 48” x 8”. £1,185.

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“I love the panoramic composition of Jay’s most recent piece. The basic, yet punchy choice of colours already highlight the contours of the landscape with ingenious simplicity, but the endless line of a seemingly infinite horizon and surrounding fells is dramatically accentuated with Jay’s choice of panel and composition. It’s a standout statement piece for any contemporary collection.”


4. ‘Rooftop View of Paris’ by Mike Hall. Acrylic on Board. 12” x 14”. £795.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“Mike’s paintings are endlessly escapist. When I stand and look at Rooftop View of Paris, I can feel the bright golden rays of sunlight warming my skin and hear the distant thrumming of the city beyond. This piece is an invitation to dream – what more could you ask for from an artwork?”


5. ‘Swaledale in Sunset’ by Natalie Stutely. Oil on panel. 30” x 12”. £2,885

Chosen by: Sarah Pearson Short, Gallery Assistant.

“This beautiful painting brings a smile to my face whenever I come upon it in the gallery. I like the idea of suddenly stumbling on this characterful herd and being given a hard stare for the trouble. Natalie brings the verdant moorland and its charming inhabitants to vivid life. The scene is a happy reminder of the peace and harmony to be found in nature.”


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