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Five Fine Art Favourites: November

Five Fine Art Favourites: November

/ Friday 6th of November, 2020

As the darkening night’s draw in and with much of our time spent at home, we look to our fine art favourites for respite and inspiration.


1. ‘Autumn Evening Light, Silsden, Keithley, Yorkshire’ by Daniel Van Der Putten. Oil on panel. 10” x 12”. £3,150.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“No one paints quite like Daniel. His lighting, composition, tone and depth are faultless. This newest rendition of Silsden in autumn is an exemplar of his abilities and nothing short of exquisite. The way he has captured the light, just before the sun dips behind a distant treeline, sets the entire scene ablaze and is certainly one of the most extraordinary original paintings I have seen this year.”


2. ‘Gin and Tonic’ by Raymond Campbell. Oil on panel. 12” x 16”. £2,485.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“Specially commissioned for the gallery, Gin and Tonic is a celebration of the skill and history of our local brewers, as well as a sublime painting. Any piece by Raymond is going to be a firm favourite of mine, but for residents and lovers of Yorkshire, this painting will surely prove to be an exceptional treasure.”


3. ‘May Days’ by Julian Mason. Oil on canvas. 20” x 20”. £1,200.

Chosen by: Sarah Short, Gallery Assistant.

“Receiving new work by Julian is always an exciting prospect. Every one of his landscape’s crackles with energy, his practice of painting en plein air entirely palpable through his free and intuitive execution. May Days radiates light, from the dappled, rolling sky to the bright, wild meadow of the painting’s foreground. It is a scene I would happily wander into.”


4. ‘Spider Web Cottage’ by Jay Nottingham. Oil on panel 12” x 12”. £660.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“I have always been attracted to Jay’s potent, surreal landscapes. Spider Web Cottage appears to exist almost outside of time. All is still, all is quiet. You could almost say the landscape is lonely, if not for the tell-tale glow of lamplight emanating from a single cottage window. A fiery beacon against a dark, midnight blue sky.”


5. ‘Tying Ribbons’ by Amanda Jackson. Oil on panel. 8” x 8”. £525.

Chosen by: All

“With a palette of soft, dreamy pastel hues, Amanda’s latest painting is a bijou delight. Capturing an intimate, fleeting moment, the young subject of Tying Ribbons focuses on the delicate task at hand, perfectly nestled in the fluffy pink tulle of her ballet skirt. Amanda’s beautiful, immersive work never fails to charm us all.”


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