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Julian Mason Arrives at York Fine Arts

Julian Mason Arrives at York Fine Arts

/ Friday 8th of June, 2018

York Fine Arts is thrilled to welcome the work of contemporary plein air painter Julian Mason. An exciting artist of acute observation, technical skill and extraordinary drive, Julian has a contagious passion for the landscape that spills into the very soul of his paintings.

Immersive and refreshingly organic, Julian’s paintings encourage viewers to see and experience the natural landscape with an enlivened sense of appreciation. Be the subject a familiar, snow-blanketed bridle path or dramatic, sharpening peaks at sunrise, Julian tangibly reveals the true character of the landscape, and in doing so, elicits a genuine, lasting emotional response from the viewer with each and every one of his paintings.

Julian’s ability to so authentically convey his experience with the landscape can largely be attributed to the fact that the overwhelming majority of his paintings are painted en plein air. Though proficient in both studio and plein air painting, to Julian, the freedom and vitality of plein air painting dwarfs any such experience in the studio. When plein air painting, he is free to become utterly absorbed in the multisensory experience of the landscape; and it is in this spirit of unrestrained expression that Julian is able to so honestly and magnificently translate the natural world around him.


“To me, nothing is more challenging or exhilarating than a blank canvas between you and the landscape.” –Julian Mason


One of the North’s most exciting and intriguing landscape artists of today, Julian Mason continues to reach new heights in his career as an artist, and consistently captures the attention of collectors in the UK and around the world. An artist of great talent and promise, York Fine Arts will enthusiastically watch with anticipation as Julian’s career continues to develop and thrive.

You can read more about Julian Mason and see his available work here.