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Painters of Precision: Carl Whitfield and Michael James Smith
Press Release

Painters of Precision: Carl Whitfield and Michael James Smith

/ Tuesday 1st of September, 2015

York Fine Arts is delighted to present the newest art exhibition ‘Painters of Precision: Carl Whitfield and Michael James Smith’. The exhibition brings together for the first time a spectacular collection of original paintings from two leading British artists, wildlife artist Carl Whitfield and landscape artist Michael James Smith. The work of these two artists proves not only exceptional talent; but furthermore a rigorous and exquisite attention to detail applied with unparalleled devotion.

The exhibition provides discerning art collectors and first time buyers alike the opportunity to view an exclusive collection of work from two of the gallery’s most popular artists. From Carl Whitfield’s inquisitive, lifelike foxes to Michael James Smith’s elegant and arresting river scenes, the exhibition presents a harmonious collection of work that gives viewers an intimate experience of the British countryside and its wildlife.

Carl Whitfield is a true champion of hyperrealist wildlife art. Completely self-taught, Carl demonstrates a remarkably innate talent for capturing the natural world with unparalleled detail and ingenuity. His love of wildlife and the great outdoors is spectacularly translated into magnificent works of art that echo nature's own beauty and quality. His disciplined application and use of rich, vibrant tones have enabled him to produce unique and treasured works of art, propelling him to immense popularity and firmly establishing a reputation as a leading British wildlife artist.

Michael James Smith is a leading British landscape artist, faithfully documenting the country’s landscapes from Essex to Wales. His work is refreshingly honest, painted with astounding precision and clarity. While many modern landscape artists can sometimes over-romanticise or exaggerate, Smith’s applied restraint allows the country’s natural beauty to speak for itself. Looking closely, each leaf and ripple is painted with an intense observation, an accuracy rarely seen in modern landscape paintings. Each of Michael’s paintings is a cherished representation of the country’s vibrant and timeless natural beauty. With such a unique style that appeals to a wide variety of collectors, demand for Michael’s work is positively insatiable.

All paintings at the exhibition are available to purchase from £1,185. Included in the exhibition is also an exclusive collection of specially commissioned Yorkshire landscapes by Michael James Smith.  In addition to original paintings, signed limited edition prints are also available from £88.

For press enquires or high resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221

Exhibition opens Thursday, 10 September and runs until Sunday, 27 September 2015