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Spring Exhibition
Press Release

Spring Exhibition

/ Wednesday 17th of February, 2016

York Fine Arts is delighted to announce the gallery's upcoming Spring Exhibition. The exhibition brings together an invigorating collection of original paintings inspired by the spectacle and experience of spring. An eclectic compilation of both traditional and contemporary pieces, the Spring Exhibition features artwork from some of the gallery’s most popular artists, including Edward Hersey, Gordon Lees, Daniel Van der Putten, Terry Evans and Michael James Smith.

A beloved time of the year by many, spring brings an abundance of bright colours and refreshing energy as life bursts forth anew. After long winter days, the welcome appearance of awakening flora and fauna bring a sense of relief and a deeper appreciation of nature and the landscape. The Spring Exhibition seeks to capture and recreate the various facets of this experience, each work of art a representation of a single interaction between life and landscape.

The exhibition is an opportunity for discerning art collectors and first time buyers alike to view a diverse collection of exceptional artwork from a selection of the gallery’s most popular artists. Ranging from traditional and semi-abstract landscapes to hyperrealist wildlife art, the exhibition features a wide range of paintings to suit a variety of tastes.

All paintings featured in the exhibition are available to purchase and range from £485 to £7,885, increasing upwards to £24,885 for specially commissioned paintings. In addition to original paintings, signed limited edition prints are also available from £55.

For press enquires or high resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221.

Exhibition opens Saturday, 2 April and runs until Sunday, 17th of April 2016. Due to expected high volume of interest, an early viewing is recommended.