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Tales of the Sea
Press Release

Tales of the Sea

/ Thursday 22nd of March, 2018

York Fine Arts is delighted to announce the gallery’s newest exhibition of 2018. Tales of the Sea brings together an exhilarating collection of original paintings from some of Britain’s leading marine artists. From soft, sandy shores to the magnificent wilderness of the open ocean, this new exhibition celebrates the simultaneous familiarity and adventure of the sea. With a dazzling array of seafaring scenes, both traditional and contemporary, there are myriad tales in which to become immersed.

There is nothing so stirring a subject as the sea. For thousands of years it has been a source of both comfort and of trepidation. It is a place where legends are born and ships are wrecked, yet equally a place of quiet power--a sanctuary where the soul can be revived. Through the eyes of artists including Alex Hill, Andrew Stranack-Walton, Juriy Ohremovich and Amanda Jackson, the exhibition explores individual elements of these stories in a superior collection of fine art.

All artwork featured in the exhibition is available to purchase, and ranges from £525 to £6,250. In addition to original paintings and sculpture, signed limited edition prints are also available from £88.

Exhibition opens Friday, 6th April and runs until Sunday, 29th of April 2018. Due to expected high volume of interest, an early viewing is recommended.

For press enquiries or high resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221.