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York Fine Arts Welcomes Terence Clarke

York Fine Arts Welcomes Terence Clarke

/ Wednesday 14th of March, 2018

York Fine Arts is delighted to announce the arrival of work by renowned contemporary artist Terence Clarke.  Bright, bold and invigoratingly vivid, Terence's paintings brim with vibrant energy and give a renewed appreciation for the visual delight of the world around us.

With a trained eye and instinctive vision, Terence approaches each new painting with a simultaneous blend of careful construction and emotive expression. He writes:

 “I try to balance what I observe with an intense expression of light and colour. The difficulty is in maintaining this sensitivity to the real facts before me whilst liberating the colour in a poetic or creative way. This interplay of drawing and painterliness is the essence of my work.

“For me, a painted mark has to have a certain spontaneous feel. I work fairly quickly so that I am having to take some risks with the paint. The best bits in most paintings are where the artists have lost themselves in the process and the image feels that it occurred almost without effort; you see this kind of thing in late Rembrandt and of course in Cezanne, perhaps the greatest of all colourists. So sometimes accuracy to the bare facts has to be abandoned in favour of the right mark or the right colour, in hopefully the right place…I hope by means of light and colour, I help you enjoy the visual world as a new experience and maybe make you look at it again in a new way.”

Terence Clarke’s vitalising paintings make for singular additions to the gallery’s contemporary art collection. Be it his warm, vibrant landscapes or his striking, angular still lifes, Terence’s paintings never cease to impress and inspire.

You can read more about Terence Clarke and see his available work here.