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Five Fine Art Favourites: April 2023

Five Fine Art Favourites: April 2023

/ Monday 1st of May, 2023

As vivid and galvanizing as the onset of summer, we choose five fine art favourites to bask in this April.


1. ‘Up to the Boundary’ by Stephen Hawkins. Oil on Panel. 8” x 12”. £685.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“Bright and fresh as a set of new cricket whites, Stephen’s latest painting speaks of unspooling summer days and the joys of this longstanding British tradition. The perfect day beneath a clear blue sky.”


2. ‘Bluebells in Middleton Woods, Ilkley, Yorkshire’ by Daniel Van Der Putten. Oil on Panel. 18” x 14”. £4.985.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“If peace were a painting. The cows graze, the trees flourish, the bluebells carpet the ground. Daniel offers us the rich and erudite atmosphere of a scene by the Dutch masters, while imbuing an instinct all his own. He is one of the finest landscape painters working today.”


3. ‘Free Ride’ by Lee Fearnley. Oil on canvas. 23.5” x 19.5”. £1,200.

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“It’s been a breath of fresh air, welcoming Lee’s work to the gallery. His paintings are playful, fun and truly a delight to engage with. With each passing glance, another layer of their relatable narrative is revealed—usually resulting in a knowing smile or audible snort from viewers. I particularly love the motion of this one. You really get a rush of the movement and the carefree sense of glee.”


4. ‘Yorkshire Patchwork’ by Alan Smith. Oil on panel. 20” x 20”. £1,285.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“Alan’s paintings have the effect of a keen, brilliant flash. There is no choice but to view the world through his gaze, skewing our expectations and instead, presenting alternative landscapes of endless possibilities.”


5. 'Waxwing’ by Carl Whitfield. Oil on panel. 7.5” x 6.5”. £1,095

Chosen by: Sarah Pearson Short, Gallery Assistant.

“With a dynamic, yet effortless composition, Carl places the beautiful waxwing centre stage, allowing the viewer to marvel at its exquisite markings and colouring. The scarlet berries offer a perfect counterbalance, both projecting and harmonizing with the showstopping little bird. It is simply sublime.”


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