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Five Fine Art Favourites: June 2022

Five Fine Art Favourites: June 2022

/ Saturday 2nd of July, 2022

Delve into our five fine art favourite this June; a celebration of nostalgia and abundance.  


1. ‘Chilled Taittinger, 1988 Vintage Champagne’ by Raymond Cambell. Oil on panel. 12” x 16”. £2,485

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“Reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age and its many Masters, Raymond offers a scene both lavish, yet contained. Light and shadow-play illuminate the objects, from the perspiring bottle to the bulbous silver dish, while deft, subtle touches bring the piece to life. The frayed capsule betraying a newly popped cork; the gentle unfurling of the lemon peel as it falls from the table. These are an accumulation of a lifetime’s knowledge and the work of an exceptionally talented artist.”


2. ‘The Dawn Fleet’ by Alex Hill. Oil on panel. 30” x 12”. £1,885

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“A marvellous marine scene. This is perhaps my favourite genre of fine art and Alex has outdone himself with this newest painting. The colours of that dawn! It is almost ghostly. The great galleons float majestically on a seamless ocean, as the sun rises in a pale sky, gently warming the scene below. It is nothing short of poetic. A beautiful example of the genre.”


3. ‘Triumph TR2’ by Ian Rawling. Pastel. 20” x 12”. £850

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“Ian makes the ordinary extraordinary, here magnifying the intricate beauty of an evidently well-worn and beloved diecast model Triumph TR2. The endearing, almost comic little driver sits eagerly at the wheel, the proud custodian of the classic duck egg blue automobile. New collectors of Ian's work will be delighted to discover that the purchase of his originals often includes his subject—in this case, a model TR2. Nostalgic, charming and flawlessly executed, Ian’s latest piece is a masterclass in pastel work. Plus, it makes you smile!”


4. ‘Argenton’ by Mike Hall. Acrylic on board. 14” x 12”. £795

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“A painting to envelope you. Rich in tone and narrative, Mike’s latest piece is quite literally a window into another world, or at least a window into scenic rural France. An enigmatic and lavishly evocative painting, it is impossible to look at it without finding your mind wandering to sun-baked village squares and the distant ringing of cowbells.”


5. ‘Bamburgh Castle’ by Jay Nottingham. Oil on panel. 30” x 12”. £1050

Chosen by: Sarah Pearson Short, Gallery Assistant.

“We’ve spent such happy times in Bamburgh as a family, so this painting would always hold a special significance to me. But what I am most drawn to is the otherworldly feeling of the piece. It is almost the inverse of a bright summer’s day, with that midnight blue sky and luminous lime green valley beyond the sands. The castle itself shines on the hill, beckoning the viewer to step into the scene and explore the strange, beautiful lands.”


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