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Five Fine Art Favourites: May

Five Fine Art Favourites: May

/ Friday 23rd of April, 2021

With a flurry of new work this month, we select five striking new acquisitions that are simply impossible to ignore.


1. Morning Flock by Stephen Hawkins. Oil on panel. 12" x 10". £880. 

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

"A beguiling new painting by Stephen, Morning Flock has an effervescent air. Here, a perfect balance is struck between realism and idealism, culminating in a pastoral scene of timeless quality."


2. What's All This, Then? by Sean Durkin. Oil on panel. 12" x 16". £685.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

"To get humour into a painting, and what is more, to make it appear effortless, takes an artist of particular wit and good nature. Sean is certainly both of these and this new painting has raised more than a few chuckles since its arrival."


3. Thames Sparkle at Sunset by Andrew Grant Kurtis. Oil on canvas. 12" x 12". £880.

Chosen by: Sarah Short, Gallery Assistant.

"Andrew paints London with such verve. His work always strikes me as epitomizing the feel of the city. Thames Sparkle at Sunset is an eruption of colour and elation, I cannot help but be drawn to its dynamism whenever I pass it in the gallery."


4. Purple Liquorice Allsort by Raymond Campbell. Oil on panel. 3" x 3". £185.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

"Much of Raymond's work is so lavishly impressive, with vast feasting tables overflowing with fine wines, cheese and fresh fruit. So, when one of his miniatures arrives at the gallery it is like a curious treasure. There is something ineffably charming about these pieces, the unassuming singular subject, a slight sugary indulgence, offset by one glistening bead of water."


4. In the Light of Day by Tina Spratt. Pastel. 12" x 18". £3,200.

Chosen by: All

"Tina's latest pastel artwork has easily entranced us all. With its softly lit interior, minimal palette and air of intrigue, the piece enfolds the viewer into its dream-like atmosphere. As one of the finest pastel artists working today, each piece received by Tina is a cherished delight."


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