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Five Fine Art Favourites: January

Five Fine Art Favourites: January

/ Friday 31st of January, 2020

Working in a fine art gallery, we have the great privilege of enjoying some of the finest work by today's leading artists on a daily basis. Though pieces may come and go as they find their forever homes, we always have our favourites. Here we pick five pieces of artwork to which we have currently taken a particular fancy. 


1. 'Winter Light' by Julian Mason. Oil on canvas. 19" x 10". £750.

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

"I've loved this painting from the moment it arrived at the gallery and have seriously considered taking it home myself on more than one occasion. The way Julian has captured the thin winter light as it slowly fades and skims the top of the fenceposts is beautifully authentic. Combined with the thick impasto and chilly blue tones of the shade, you really feel as if you’re there, all wrapped up on a winter walk. The fact that it becomes only £75 a month with the Own Art scheme makes it all the more tempting.”  


2. 'Champagne and Raspberries' by Colin Wilson. Acrylic on panel. 9" x 12". £2,450.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

"I find the quality and precision of Colin's work positively exceptional. With a fresh perspective and an immaculate attention to detail, it's easy to see why Colin is such a breakthrough artist on the contemporary still life market. I particularly love the delicate bubbles and perfectly ripe raspberries on this painting--each glance quickly becomes a full sensory experience."


3. 'Evanescent' by Tina Spratt. Pastel. 20" x 14". £2,900.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant

"This painting mesmerises me every time. It's easy (and an absolute pleasure) to get lost in the carefully composed sea of textures--the swathes of tulle, the stiff, yet delicate embroidery on the bodice of the sitter's dress, dewy skin, silken hair--I could go on and on. Tina's ability to convey the female form in a way that reflects feminitity, sensuality and empowerment all at once never ceases to amaze me."


4. 'Mare and Foal' by Jacqueline Stanhope. Oil on canvas. 14" X 16". £3,250.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

"Everyone knows I'm usually a Hersey man; but I absolutely adore this painting. The beatuifully captured bond between mother and offspring reaches out and evokes something deep within. The connection is tangible. It's a real testament to Jacqueline's ability to capture not only the anatomy of the horse but the personality and emotion as well."


5. 'Fox in Mantles Heath Wood' by Daniel Van der Putten. Oil on panel. 14" x 11". £3,950.

Chosen by: All

Daniel's work tends to capture the attention and affection of all here at York Fine Arts. Through the darkness of winter, this painting in particular has been a gentle and welcome reminder that there is always beauty to be found for those who look. The blazing colours of the sunset as it reflects and ricochets off the heaps of snow warm even the coldest of days. If ever there was a more perfect representation of winter's silver lining, surely this must be it.



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