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Five Fine Art Favourites: August

Five Fine Art Favourites: August

/ Thursday 13th of August, 2020

As the temperatures heat up, we take a moment to cool down with our favourite artwork this month. From paintings to sculpture, here is a selection of a few of our favourites. 


1.‘Venetian Gondolas’ by Raffaele Fiore. Oil on canvas. 24” x 31.5”. £2,485.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director 

“When I look at this painting, I am immediately transported to Venice and the meandering waterways of the Grand Canal. Reminiscent of the Old Masters, Raffaele has a pronounced understanding of light and shadow—a fact clearly evident in this painting. In a single glance, we are dazzled by the bright, rippling canal, lulled by the soft shade as it falls onto the crumbling walls and drawn to spots of brilliant illumination in direct gaze of the summer sun. It is an elegant, timeless scene by an artist at the very height of his abilities.”

2.‘Contemplation’ by Jacqueline Gaylard, SOFA. Acrylic on board. 21.5” x 14.5”. £2,750.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director 

“A magnificent piece. We have worked with Jaqueline for a long time and she never ceases to produce work of an astoundingly high calibre. The detail in this painting is something to be marvelled at—there’s not a brushstroke in sight. A perfect rendering of one of the world’s most spectacular big cats.” 


3.‘Far Up the Rugged Path’ by Clare Haley. Oil on panel. 18” x 24”. £995.

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Clare Haley’s work. The first painting I ever bought was a Clare Haley, and five years on, I never cease to see something new or utterly lose myself in the landscape. What I love about this particular painting is its ability to flick between something quite light and bright to something much darker and moodier—almost intimidating—depending on the lighting or time of day. In a single painting, you get Clare’s signature light beams and cloud bursts as well as an exciting, impending sense of drama.”

4.‘Cornish Switchback II’ by Philip Hearsey. Bronze sculpture. 5.5” x 3.0” x 5.0”. £575.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“Never have I encountered a more exquisite object. Philip Hearsey’s ‘Cornish Switchback II’ has an almost indescribable presence, like treasure glimpsed at the bottom of the ocean. The bronze is expertly manipulated to achieve its pleasing cone shaped form and command impossibly rich pigmentations. The sculpture’s interior, a mesmeric, cerulean blue, is brilliantly countered by a shell of decadent gold; the combination of which is truly enchanting.”

5.‘Soft Light on Stonegate, York’ by Richard Telford. Oil on panel. 12” x 20”. £1,385.

Chosen by: All

“A stone’s throw away from the gallery itself, Richard’s ‘Soft Light on Stonegate’ captures the quintessential charm of a street we all know so well. Awash with the warming, mellow tones of dusk, we are enticed to step into the scene, to tread over the worn paving stones and stroll through the medieval town, sure to spy a tell-tale view of York Minster at every turn.” 


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