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Five Fine Art Favourites: May 2023

Five Fine Art Favourites: May 2023

/ Thursday 18th of May, 2023

Capturing the spirit and splendour of the season, we share five of our favourite new acquisitions this May.


1. ‘Summer Symphony’ by Terry Evans. Oil on Panel. 44” x 16”. £2,485.


Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“Encapsulating the vivid fecundity of a glorious summer’s day, Terry’s showstopping landscape is an oasis of calm. With not so much as a ripple to disturb the serene glassy waters, when looking at this scene I imagine birdsong drifting on a warm breeze and the aroma of wildflowers rising from the riverbank.”


2. ‘Mare and Foal’ by Jaqueline Stanhope. Oil on Canvas. 12” x 10”. £2,200.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“It is a common sight, which one might see while passing through any meadowland or farmstead, yet it is imbued with such natural tenderness. To me, there is an air of the miraculous about this scene, that speaks of endurance and familial bonds.


3. ‘Figs and Stilton’ by Colin Wilson. Acrylic on board. 11” x 14”. £2,950

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“What do you get when you combine bold composition, masterful technique and rich, tantalising flavours? Why, another arresting and mouth-watering contemporary classic from Colin Wilson, of course. From the smooth, cool curve of glass to the soft, juicy flesh of ripened fig, ‘Figs and Stilton’ is a full-sensory experience and a perfect representation of Colin’s work.


4. ‘Tomato Ketchup Bottle’ by Ian Rawling. Pastel. 24.4” x 38.5”. £1,400.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Senior Gallery Assistant.

“All I know, is that I want it hanging on my wall. Ian has this way of elevating everyday items to the point of glorious absurdity. He’s such a fun and dynamic artist and this piece is as exquisitely made and as uncommonly striking as it gets.”


5. ‘Secrets of the Bluebell Wood’ by Terry Grundy. Oil on panel. 16” x 12”. £945

Chosen by: Sarah Pearson Short, Gallery Assistant.

“After the sad passing of Terry earlier this year, we were lucky enough to receive some of his very last paintings, this being one. A lovely unfolding woodland of bright bluebells, this piece is part of an astonishing legacy. Terry painted beautifully and I will dearly miss seeing his wonderful work pass through our gallery walls.”


To find out more of our favourites, visit the gallery, drop us an email or strike up a conversation with a member of our friendly team on our live chat.