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Five Fine Art Favourites: June

Five Fine Art Favourites: June

/ Friday 29th of May, 2020

Here we give a brief overview of some of our personal favourites that are bringing us joy this month.

1. 'Time to Head In’ by Andrew Stranack Walton. Oil on canvas. 36” x 24”. £4,995.

Chosen by: Philip Short, Director

“I have been taken with this painting from the very first time I saw it. The contrast of the rust coloured sails against the darkening sky is so visually appealing, and the raw stoicism of the scene is quite striking, lingering long after you have stepped away. Through Andrew’s expertly trained eye for detail and his masterful hand, we experience the scene in full—the rising winds, the spray of salty mist, a tangible sense of danger—but also the iron resolve of the fishermen. It’s a perfect example of Andrew’s ability to convey not only the compositional accuracy of an aquatic vessel, but also the much larger surrounding emotional context.”


2.  ‘Summer Evensong’ by Gordon Lees. Oil on panel. 14” x 8”. £880.

Chosen by: Alan Short, Director

“Small but perfectly composed, ‘Summer Evensong’ is a classic Gordon Lees painting. Quaint cottages, twinkling lights and the soft, yet saturated colours of the sunset and surrounding flowers come together and mingle together just beautifully. It’s an absolute gem for admirers and collectors of traditional fine art.”


3. ‘Soft Sands’ by Paul Lancaster. Oil on panel. 20” x 20”. £985.

Chosen by: Deanna Dawkins, Gallery Manager

“I find this painting immensely comforting. I grew up by the beach; so naturally, I often find myself projecting my own memories and experience onto the piece, which adds another element to my enjoyment. The warm, buttery light washes over the entire painting, casting a few cool shadows here and there. In an instant, I feel the powdery sand on my feet once again, quickly changing from warm to cool as I walk in and out of the light. To feel and experience so much in a single glance is a true testament to Paul’s accomplishment as an artist.”


4. ‘Evening Poppies’ by Sally Anne Fitter. Acrylic on canvas. 30” x 30”. £1,125.

Chosen by: Kirsty Maclennan, Gallery Assistant.

“The enigmatic quality of Sally Anne’s work has always appealed to me. She has developed an uncommon and fascinating technique, layering and scratching into the surface of her paintings, resulting in rich, undulating artworks. In Evening Poppies, the titular flowers spill brightly from their vase, a fantastic contrast to the darkness beyond the table, bobbing and bowing as if they have been hastily arranged just moments before. A simple pear becomes a coveted object of gleaming warmth; a hint of kitchen tile below the table allows us to build an entire world around the simple composition. A captivating contemporary talent, each of Sally’s intricately crafted paintings is endlessly generous, should you take the time to stop and stare.”


5. ‘Woodland Poppies’ by Terry Evans. Oil on canvas. 20” x 12”. £985.

Chosen by: All

“Bright and cheerful whilst inducing a relaxed, nearly meditative state, Terry Evans’ ‘Woodland Poppies’ is an organic antidote to the anxieties and increasingly fast pace of modern life. Grounded by the silver birch and gently guided down the slowly moving stream, both eye and mind are free to wander and lose themselves in the beauty of the natural world. Terry’s ability to depict the wild of the landscape in such a hypnotic, inviting way simply never grows old.”


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