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1940s Portrait of a Lady
1940s Portrait of a Lady

1940s Portrait of a Lady

A treasured family portrait, painted in 1940s wartime Britain, this striking sitter epitomizes the glamour and practicality of the period.

Having suffered surface damage throughout the years, visible in the top left of the portrait, as well as beneath the sitter’s right eye, our restorer was able to assess and seamlessly repair the damage. Alongside the touch-up work to the painting itself, the piece, being upwards of eighty years old, was in need of a clean and a refit into its original frame. The intricate period frame was also revived, with gilt paint delicately applied to worn and tarnished areas.  

Returning from our restorer’s studio, fortified and refreshed, this beloved family heirloom is now fit to be passed down for generations to come, an evocative slice of history and a tangible piece of family legacy.

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