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Oil on canvas - paint detachment
Oil on canvas - paint detachment

Oil on canvas - paint detachment

This timeless woodland scene is in fact a depiction of the entrance to Inveraray Castle, a famed county house located in western Scotland, home to the Duke and Duchess of Argyll.

Through the years, both the painting and its frame have suffered the wear of time. While the painting initially showed one area of flaking, upon closer inspection there was light flaking over much of its surface, due to the painting being incorrectly sized. This was rectified by our restorer through the process of stabilising, the painting was then cleaned and ready to be securely refitted into its frame.

The frame itself was given a light clean and re-gild, after which the painting, having previously been behind glass, which led to a buildup of moisture, was left unglazed. In doing so, our restorer has ensured the painting’s longevity and the enjoyment it will bring, for many more years to come.  

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