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Engraving Restoration
Engraving Restoration

Born in Paris in 1719, Pierre Francois Beaumont forged a prolific and celebrated career as an engraver in 18th century France. A student of pioneering engraver Gaspard Duchange, Pierre initially made his living as an art dealer, gaining contacts and experience of the art world as he did so.

Little is detailed of the intermittent years between his days as a pupil of Duschange and his election as Director of the Academie de Saint-Luc in 1746, other than a rich body of work dating back to the 1730s.

Pierre’s etching, ‘Course de Bague Flamande’, after a painting by Philips Wowermens, depicts the vibrant scene of a peasant ring-race, brought to life with the exquisite craft of etching detail.

This remarkable piece, dated 1735, is almost three-hundred years old. A copy of the etching hangs in the collection of the National Gallery of Scotland.

A work on paper, this restoration demonstrated the extensive skill set of the gallery's restorer. Suffering discolouration and extensive staining, the etching was brought back to its original, monochrome palate before being remounted.

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