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Sir Noel Coward - oil on canvas
Sir Noel Coward - oil on canvas

Sir Noel Coward - oil on canvas

A vibrant and striking example of Sir Noel Coward’s celebrated ‘Jamacia period’, this tropical scene is repaired, renewed and granted the second life it deserves by our restorer.

Having suffered a rip on the mid left of the canvas, the painting has been repaired using a patch, carefully adhered from the reverse. The secured tear having then been re-touched, expertly matched to the palette and brushwork of the painting, the area of previous damage is now entirely undetectable. To complete the restoration, the artwork has been given a full clean and finally varnished, to enhance and preserve Noel Coward’s work for decades to come.

Playwright, composer, poet, singer, actor, director and, posthumously, artworld sensation, Sir Noel Coward is one of Britain’s greatest enduring icons of popular culture. Conscious of his paintings being valued for his signature, rather than their inherent merit, Noel Coward reserved his artwork for gifts to family and friends. It was not until after his death in 1973 that Noel’s long-term partner, actor Graham Payne, decided to sell a selection of his paintings through Christie’s, donating the proceeds to charity. Upon which, the extent of Noel’s verve and skill as a painter was discovered.

With a career positively brimming with extraordinary creative achievements, alongside a carefully crafted image, Noel Coward’s paintings reveal a little something of the man himself, of a private and insightful pursuit that has since, thankfully, come to light.

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